Join us for an Earth Day Yoga Retreat 2018


Friday April 20th

4:30pm – Earliest arrival at Yoga House

– Introductory Yoga Practice

– Evening Meal/Snack*

– Social/Setting of Intentions- Cards Against Humanity/Jenga/Twister

– Bed

Saturday April 21st

– Pre-yoga snack: green juices, smoothies or fresh fruit

– Morning Practice—Grounding

– Breakfast*

– Hike—find wood/stone/explore/wander

Haymarket Brewery lunch and optional tour

Yoga House/pick up anything at store we need

– Hike—group activity

– Juice

– Evening Practice—Lengthening

– Evening Meal*

– Bonfire/Snacks

– Bed

Sunday April 22nd

– Light Juice available before yoga

– Practice—Finding the Ease/Float/Balance in your Pose/Practice

– Breakfast*

– Debrief/Final Walk/Meditation

– Departure/Brown Bag Snack

SOCIAL STUFF—meditation/intro to thai play/Jenga/Twister/Cards Against Humanity, adult coloring books, deck of cards workout

Yoga Details:

Day 1—Intro to the Principles—Grounding & Lengthening—Dynamic Balance

  • defining and exploring the principles of rooting/grounding
  • stretching vs. lengthening, opposition, working vs. being
  • dynamic balance

Day 2—Dynamic Balance—Grounding

  • exploring grounding/rooting with feet, hands, body, energy

Dynamic Balance—Lengthening

  • understanding and exploring lengthening vs. stretching
  • finding length from the roots without loosing grounding

Day 3—Dynamic Balance—Finding the Float

Practicing Balance:  Ease and Effort in your Practice—

  • exploring asana as an internal tool
  • the entire universe in each asana

The price for accomodations, food, cooking, yoga and all activities is $650/all inclusive/per person. This includes all meals (organic and catered to your dietary needs).  BYOB alcohol is not included.

* Food Details: Meals will be organic, Ayurveda inspired, nourishing, and creative.

Sample Menu-

Post yoga/pre hike sit down breakfast:

Organic Ayurveda inspired hot cereal or oats (spiced with healing herbs and spices stewed fruit, whatever is seasonally best for the Doshas)

Avocado toast with lemon, pink salt, micro greens served on fresh baked vegan bread hand crafted by a local pastry chef

Tofu scramble with a variety of veggies


Kale/Brussels sprout salad with toasted almonds and a house made Dijon vinaigrette

Roasted root veggies

A selection of olives, spreads, crackers and fresh baked breads


Vegan pho homemade soup to start

Thai or India inspired rice dish, served with samosa or veggie spring rolls, lots of veggies in the Dahl or Curry

Dessert, vegan, seasonally themed to compliment dinner using tummy settling herbs and spices.  Spiced water or nut milk before bed.

Cooking, local foods and preparing delightful dishes are a favorite part about the retreats for our host.

***Majority of meals are gluten free and vegan. Organic and local ingredients are used.  Breads and proteins are always served as an option.

Teacher Details: 

Jacob Greathouse has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2007.  He completed his training at the Temple of Kriya Yoga studying classical Hatha Yoga.  Over the years he has studied with many amazing teachers: Ashtanga Yoga with Manju Jois, and Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa to name a few. Jacob’s personal practice and teachings focus on balance and fun; helping students to not only find their edge, but to push beyond without taking themselves too seriously.  He enjoys helping students work deeper in their poses by understanding what the pose is accomplishing and how to use breath to get there.  Going deeper in a pose is about more than just stretching further.

Laine DeLeo began testing the yoga waters over a decade ago, for her, it was “like” at first try.  Not until practicing with highly knowledgeable teachers did she begin to understand and feel that yoga embodies much more than a physical practice, which was the initial intrigue.  Yoga became metaphorical for life challenges; she kept showing up and despite the challenges and experienced yoga with improved mental, spiritual and physical well-being on and off the mat.  After many years of practice with favorites like Rich, founder of Shiva Shack, Jonathan and Jacob, FFC, and Sadhguru, and Baron Baptiste for self practice.  Laine sought to know more about the hardest part for her: Savasana, or the relaxing part at the end of yoga that sets the body up for meditation. The universe led her to study Integrative Restoration, or IRest at Sivananda through which she was certified.  This meditative practice was not her first attempt, but lead to the most enjoyable practice and greater understand of self and meditation.  Her personal experience, and the clinically proven benefits of IRest are profound and we look forward to guiding you to see for yourself during the Earth Day Retreat.

During the Earth Day Retreat, we’ll play with balance, rooting into the earth so that we can stretch through the atmosphere.  Our breath and collective energy will be the tools we use to go deeper both in our asana practice on the mat, and in our personal lives. Join us to celebrate each other and connect with mind, body, earth.

Earth Day Yoga Retreat Options: 

  1. Food, yoga, yoga house & bed: $650 for entire all-inclusive weekend at Moon Acres
  2. Food, yoga, camping: $340 total for the all-inclusive weekend camping
  3. Yoga only: $30 per person or $60 for all three workshops days, +$15 for non-members
  4. Please choose your best option and pay here.