Living in the Fast Lane to Health

Inspiring people to develop healthy habits everyday is my life.

Healthy is the New Happy, a friend once said.  If it isn’t, it should be, for I personally cannot imagine either going out of style. Ever.

From my personal culinary endeavors, I’ve learned that health can be achieved without sacrificing flavor or feelings of satisfaction. Dedication to nutrient dense meals, exploring a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables, while making living well a part of who we are is what allows us to thrive.

Once you commit and feel the difference between eating and eating well, you will wonder what took so long. Your body and taste buds will crave healthy foods as they did with greasy, fatty, or processed foods.

Passionately practicing wellness via food affairs, and nutrition is a wonderfully playful part of my life. I strive to share this by offering healthier, tastier food choices in order to enable others to enjoy a better quality of life.

Wouldn’t it be a nice act of love to yourself, the future, and those who care for you to live healthfully? Stay in the Fast Lane to Health, before you know it, you will be effortlessly feeling and looking better then ever. We only live once, at least in this body, so live to the fullest!

Lifetime Chicago Triathlon 2011-Laine DeLeo
Competitive Triathlete
Fun Run Coordinator, 5k Racer
Yoga Enthusiast
Music Lover
Business Development Manager in Food Sales, for Mangia Inc. 3 years
NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Five Star Fitness Boot Camp Chicago Instructor for 6 years
Certified Spin Instructor
Studied nutrition and fitness over the past 20 years
Culinary Food Critic-,
Certified Teacher, MA in Educational Administration, six years
Food Entrepreneur, Feb. 2017