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  1. Scott Miller - Naked Glass

    First, it was great getting to run into at the event last night. Although I was disappointed you ran off without saying good bye to me…I mean what could be more important than me? haha

    Your blog looks really good so far. It’s definitely a one stop shop. The only suggestion I have is the site’s name is a mouthful. Maybe changing it so it will be easier to remember, and can build brand appeal. The best names on the web are unique, easily searched, and more often than not concise. Your name doesn’t really fit any of these criteria…but you’re in luck, I’m typically good at coming up with a name given enough time. Also it’s not clear how someone would contact you through this site, so I figured a comment as a what the hell. Hope that helps.

    Let me know if you’re interested in giving me a personal training session to help with my lifting routine. I will pay of course, as long as you aren’t crazy expensive. I need more variety, and help making sure I’m doing dead lifts properly. I’ll start thinking who I can recommend to you, but you’ll need to pass along some contact info…


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